Forta PRO launches sustainable new Generic modular apartments!

Breakthrough modular construction technology facilitates latest roll-out of ready-made and sustainable apartments

Sweden and Latvia - January 2022 – Forta PRO, a leading modular construction company, recently launched its newest offering— a fleet of ready-to-use and furnished Generic Modular Apartments involving a short timespan of building with the least environmental impact possible. The first Generic modular projects have already been produced, delivered and completed in a number of real-estate new developments across Sweden.

Advancements in modular construction technology have empowered industry leaders to improve efficiency, speed, serene building conditions and sustainability, all while helping clients save costs with a fixed budget.  By zeroing in on the sustainability goal that drives the company’s full-scale operations, Forta PRO eliminates the rigor and extensive budget of traditional buildings to facilitate exceptional quality generic modular apartments that are professionally completed offsite (in the factory) and under strict quality control measures.

Combining the architecture of modular construction technology, the design of modern real-estate development, and other energy-efficient qualities, Forta PRO harnesses all the benefits of a controlled environment to deliver a versatile, reusable, profitable, and high-performing building. Its offsite production means conservation of raw materials, reduced noise, site disruption, and waste contamination, and less pollution from vehicles and other heavy equipment.

The Energy calculation report, prepared by an independent company for Forta PRO, indicated that the GMA concept meets current Swedish building regulations (BBR 29). Resultantly, Forta PRO can advise clients on sustainable options that cut back on water use for their project. The minimal amount of concrete needed for Forta PRO’s rollout also bears huge financial and environmental benefits. 

To illustrate, in total, 240 m3 of concrete is needed to build the foundation of 56 rental apartments in 4 buildings. Given that the total living area is about 3300 square meters, the concrete consumption of a traditionally built project would have been at least 12-15 times higher than the amount needed for a modular building. 

“A lot of customer feedback, industry best practices and expert consultations have gone into the development of these modular buildings. We believe we’ve unlocked a new level of sustainability the construction industry needs with experts and certification procedures that make sure they meet nothing but the highest requirements for construction, finishing quality, and adherence to local standards and regulations" stated Dāvis Bautris, Forta PRO Business Process Manager. “Besides driving unprecedented value and return on investments for developers and investors, modular construction empowers stakeholders to quickly realise construction projects with compact buildings that are quiet, conducive to the environment, and safe.”

All materials deployed in the production of Forta PRO Generic Modular Apartments (GMA) are compatible with the company’s sustainability, CO2, and recyclability objectives. Production of modules deploy 32% metal for each structure, and with steel boasting a recyclable rate of more than 90%, it can be channeled into other buildings of the same material and quality but conserving lesser energy required to make the initial product. 

In a continued bid to keep environmental impact to the bare minimum, there is also a preference for non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. The module apartments feature 22% of wooden materials, which, like steel, is similarly eco-friendly and recyclable. Other reusable materials like plasterboard, waterproofing, finishing materials (43%), Sanitary/appliances (2%) are also components of the GMAs.

With just 1% of plastic in wires and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering) installations, Forta PRO’s vision to roll out standard designs that are compliant with Swedish standards and GMA projects that are on budget and on delivery got one step closer to realization.

Leading from the front, Forta PRO has shown investors, yet again, how they can speedily roll out new projects, resting easy in the knowledge that the project is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner, with nothing but the best-in-class, sustainable materials—all these while delivering continuing value for stakeholders and driving exponential growth in the construction industry.


Forta PRO launches sustainable new  Generic modular apartments!

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