Forta PRO proposes up to 20 floor buildings for different purposes. Prefabricated fully equipped modules, with all furniture and equipment, installed in the factory.

Forta PRO plan, design and build from scratch or expand existing facilities, with minimal disruption to the surrounding facilities operation. The advanced factory prefabrication enables Forta PRO to speed up the project timetable for the construction of apartment projects in a way that is not achievable by the on-site building technology.

Forta PRO prefabricated apartments modules are:

  • Forta PRO cube Flexible inroom design
  • Forta PRO cube Interior according the client technical specification
  • Forta PRO cube Fully finished WC room with appliances
  • Forta PRO cube Option to equip with all furniture according the clients needs
  • Elderly People homes

    Forta PRO offers unique know-how for elderly people’s home design and production. Forta PRO team of expert designers and engineers has accumulated long-term worldwide working experience. Forta PRO modules are manufactured in a weather-controlled indoor environment. Forta PRO places great attention to weather protection and insulation to create an extremely energy-efficient product which is very economical to heat or cold. Interior flooring options include carpet, vinyl, wooden floors or any other choice to match customer’s needs. Exterior facades and finishes are available to match your architectural desires

    The offered prefabricated modules offer a complete, turn-key solution with emphasis on elderly people needs, safety and well-being, including:

  • Forta PRO cube Wheelchair access through all doorways
  • Forta PRO cube Kitchen and bathroom adapted for wheelchair access
  • Forta PRO cube Elevated toilets
  • Forta PRO cube Reinforcing behind bathroom walls for optional handrails
  • Forta PRO cube Easy navigation created with physical challenges in mind
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