Our Project

Copenhagen, Denmark


MARS Modular Satellite clinic for the Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen was realized in partnership with the Danish construction company, MT Højgaard.

MARS Radiology Satellite Clinic includes 24 modules with a weight of up to 27 tons. The heaviest modules are equipped with all the necessary protection systems, to provide a safe and efficient system`s work. The modules were completed in the factory in Latvia and prepared for the installation of the most modern medical equipment, last generations of CT and MRI scanners, X-ray systems.


The new MARS Radiology Clinic is located on the Bispebjerg Hospital territory, consisting of a complex of historical buildings dated 1913. The choice of modular technology was due to the fact that conventional construction on the territory would be disturbing for neighbouring clinical departments and would block traffic ways of hospital vehicles. Forta PRO installed the modules in 2 weeks without roads closure. As a result, the use of prefabricated modular technology significantly reduced the construction time and disturbance for the daily operations of the Hospital.                                                 

Main facts:
  • Specially designed for Radiology and ICU
  • Protection systems installed in factory
  • Installed in 2 weeks
  • No road closure during site works