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Press Releases

New GO HOTEL in Copenhagen Built in Just 7 Days

Advanced Offsite Modular Construction Speeds Up Delivery and Ensures Quality Rooms

Riga, Latvia and Copenhagen, Denmark - January 20, 2020 - Forta PRO, a Latvian based modular construction company has recently completed the production and delivery of a new modular hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. The new six story building embodies a perfect mix of modern and rustic styles. Cosy, elegant, and sleek guestrooms are complemented by a classic brick wall exterior, perfectly matching the neighbouring buildings. Forta PRO was heavily involved in the construction process providing design, production, shipment, and positioning of the modules for the building.

Located just minutes from Copenhagen Airport, GO HOTEL has 88 new cosy and light guestrooms, ranging from single and double to bunk bed dormitories. 8 rooms are specifically designed for a more accessible and comfortable usage.  The whole infrastructure and interior furnishing of the rooms down to bathroom appliances were manufactured, completed, and installed as modules at the Forta PRO factory in Ventspils, Latvia.  Shipping almost a ready-made project to Denmark left minimal works for the onsite construction crew.

The use of prefabricated modular technology offers plenty of advantages, including complete realization of multi-story hotels under incredibly short deadlines, saving time and money for hotel owners, in comparison to conventional construction projects.  Modular construction helps significantly to reduce accumulated waste, making Forta PRO modular solutions a more sustainable, clean, and environmentally-friendly choice.

“As global tourism grows, the hotel construction industry has been booming like never before”, Martins Motivāns, CEO, Forta PRO.  “Forta PRO owns and operates two large and modern modular production factories in Latvia that enables developers to accomplish delivery of new hotels with the current market demand, ensuring high-quality, speed and efficiently.”

Forta PRO Gains RISE Certification for Bathroom PODs

Swedish Certification Assures Product Durability, Environment-friendly and Sustainabilty

Riga, Latvia and Borås, Sweden – February 10, 2020 - Forta PRO, a Latvian based modular construction company has gained RISE certification in Sweden for its prefabricated bathroom PODs.  Forta PRO is only the 3rd company to gain such recognition.  The certificate assures that bathroom PODs produced by Forta PRO are durable, environmentally-friendly and sustainable for use in hotels, apartments, student housing or in medical facilities.

RISE is an independent, State-owned research institute, which offers unique expertise and over 100 testbeds and demonstration environments for future-proof technologies, products and services.  The Swedish approval states that “The product satisfies the requirements set forth in chapter 8, 4 § 3 PBL… and are therefore approved in accordance with the provisions of the following sections of Boverket Building Regulations (BBR)”.

Kristaps Mikelsons, Head of Technical Department, Forta PRO commented: “Swedish regulations slightly differ from other standards so we also had to present our stress calculations of structure which were afterward evaluated by RISE structural engineers. We’re glad to announce that we’ve passed it successfully and our certificate No is SC0268-19 and is valid until February 2025!”

Forta PRO Bathroom PODs Awarded SINTEF Certification

Latest Norwegian certification opens up new market opportunities for the export department

Riga, Latvia, and Trondheim, Norway – March 2, 2020 - Forta PRO, a Latvian-based modular construction company, has been awarded SINTEF certification for its prefabricated bathroom PODs.  SINTEF is an independent institution conducting research into tomorrow's technologies in the fields of materials use, architecture, construction physics, energy efficiency, and infrastructure.  Forta PRO is now part of an exclusive certified supplier list, which consists of only 15 members.

Forta PRO manufactures steel-based, prefabricated bathroom units and WC PODs for hotels, apartments, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and student accommodation.  The bathroom PODs are designed and built under controlled and quality assured conditions, shipped as a complete assembled unit from the factory.  The PODs provide superior fire and acoustic rating possibilities and are finished with all accessories and sanitaryware as per client specifications.

Headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, SINTEF was founded in 1950, employs over 2000 employees from 75 countries.  SINTEF certification means that materials, solutions, and processes used by Forta PRO are reliable, qualitative, and environmentally safe. All products undergo a row of strict quality checks to ensure only the best get awarded. 

Martins Motivāns, CEO, Forta PRO, commented: “We are extremely proud to be certified by SINTEF.  Forta PRO strives to provide long-term benefits to our partners through further innovations and will now be able to supply customers the most efficient, sustainable, and economical solution modern construction market can offer.”

New Danish Hospital embraces modular offsite construction 

MARS Satellite Emergency Radiology Clinic in Copenhagen to provide acute care new approach

Riga, Latvia, and Copenhagen, Denmark – March 2, 2020 – Forta PRO, a Latvian-based modular construction company, has recently completed the MARS Satellite Radiology Clinic building in cooperation with MT Højgaard, a Danish construction company. The MARS clinic was produced as modular building off-site in Forta PRO factories in Latvia. It is a venture of the Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, established to provide additional acute care services to patients for faster and more advanced medical research.

MARS Satellite Radiology Clinic combines 24 steel frame modules weighing up to 27 tons each. The most substantial blocks are equipped with all the necessary protection systems to provide safe and efficient operation for quicker patient diagnostics. The modules were designed, produced, and assembled to fit the most modern medical equipment, last generations of X-Ray, CT, and MRI scanners.

Using prefabricated modular technology allowed Forta PRO to complete the onsite construction in only two weeks without disturbing neighboring working clinical departments or blocking the traffic pathways for ambulances. Assembling blocks at the factory and shipping them only to put together onsite allows for low impact on surrounding clinical facilities, low dust levels, and low noise in comparison with conventional construction.

Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital is one of Denmark Capital Region's 4 emergency hospitals dating back to 1913. As of today, it employs 3,000 medical staff who manage 80,000 emergency and 400,000 outpatient visits per year. A new modern 85,000 square meters clinical building named "New Hospital Bispebjerg" will be built in the coming few years. MARS Satellite Radiology Clinic was the first successful step.

On the opening ceremony, Mr. Kristian Antonsen, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital Chief Medical Officer said: "We are very impressed by our construction partners from Latvia who have built a modular building locally and shipped it over the Baltic Sea to the location where it's been assembled. We are very excited to have this modular building. It will contain the acute facilities for acute care and, what is very important, CT scanners, MRI scanner, and conventional radiology. We are very excited to have this building in the center of Copenhagen for the benefit of more than 500,000 inhabitants at the center of Copenhagen."

For Press Services please contact Forta PRO Marketing Manager: Natalija Smirnova, [email protected]