Forta PRO breaks ground for fastest construction using signature Generic Modular Concept!

Fully finished rental apartments were fully completed and installed in a record time of just 4 days! Forta PRO has recorded yet another notably significant milestone in Modular Construction, smashing a record for the fastest construction of ready-made (GMA) apartments installed on-site in Bureå, Sweden, for the first time. 

Undertaken at the start of this year, in their state-of-the-art factory in Latvia, and under circumstances of strict quality control, Forta PRO took stock of the desires of Swedish customers, feedback of real-estate developers, and seamlessly integrated these into a Generic Modular Apartment (GMA) concept that is purpose-built for contemporary Swedish lifestyle. The GMA is a conceptual mix of creative input from a vast selection of company departments—from designers to production and project managers.

A ready-made building concept engineered to offer an optimal solution that significantly cuts down on construction time due to its swift implementation and superb design, Forta PRO’s proprietary GMA has become the mainstay across homes. As expected, it is also now the preferred option for real estate investors as it guarantees the safe implementation of projects—and their investments. Speedy construction with a total project lifecycle of 6 months, provides both faster return on investments, as well as satisfies the acute housing demands in many of Sweden regional municipalities. 

Modular solutions are also bound to serve more utility for customers as they present time saving, safe investment, and they come to site fully furnished.  Forta PRO’s GMA apartments feature a never-before-seen blend of the architecture of Modular Construction Technology and the design of modern Real Estate Development as well as outstanding energy efficiency qualities.  Energy calculation report, prepared by an independent company for Forta PRO, assured that the GMA concept meets the current Swedish building regulations (BBR 29).

Forta PRO client and owner of Nordic Unit, Johan Blumenthal stated: “We have secured feedback, engagement, and participation for all stakeholders affected by the construction process, and throughout the value chain. Thankfully, we are now reaping the rewards as our new approach matches best industry practices and standards. Building in-house means we save costs, in an environmentally friendly manner, and with break-neck speed. Two buildings were installed by eleven people in just 4 days, and now our workers just need to complete it. These buildings have been developed in full compliance with the highest standards of Workers Safety Measures and Swedish Regulations”

Forta PRO’s GMA package offers 1 to 3 room apartment options, which are combined into 2 to 4 story buildings. The apartment's layout is pre-designed and ready for production at Forta PRO’s advanced production lines. In total, Nordic Unit is going to build 58 apartments on the plots in Bureå, Sweden.  The first apartments will be occupied by mid-December and it is anticipated that new projects will be accomplished in the coming months.


Forta PRO breaks ground for fastest construction using signature Generic Modular Concept!

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