SAMSUNG C&T and Forta PRO join forces to become world leading smart modular construction manufacturer!

RIGA, LATVIA 2022 December - Forta PRO and SAMSUNG C&T announce this year's major investment event in Latvia. On December 21, leading Latvian industrial manufacturer Forta PRO and SAMSUNG C&T of South Korea joined forces to become a leading global modular construction company, marking ambitious development plans both in Latvia and overseas.

This recent decision of investment and business collaboration is the result of the long-term and trustful work of both companies with the main intention to scale and advance modular construction technology. This collaboration marks an important step to combine and merge two companies’ industrial know-how and experience, that can turnaround conventional construction market practices in Latvia and beyond. 

The worldwide stretch and expansion of the two companies’ operations will be unprecedented on the local market construction scene. In addition, the companies are planning to launch and operate modular construction factories worldwide, which will increase presence of the highly value-added Latvian knowledge-based production in the global construction markets. 

Ilze Indriksone, Minister of Economics of Latvia, and Kaspars Rozkalns, Director of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, were attending and presenting during the official signing ceremony.  Both honorable guests highly appreciated the signed collaboration agreement between the two companies, resulting in business expansion, jobs’ creation in Latvia, exchange of technological know-how and knowledge, as well as automation of construction processes, and will also serve as an important signal to the international investor community.

With this acquisition, Forta PRO and SAMSUNG C&T are setting the course for an even more innovative strength, economic stability, and ultimately, growth. 




SAMSUNG C&T and Forta PRO join forces to become world leading smart modular construction manufacturer!


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