Forta PRO won the Prestigious International Offsite Project of the Year Award!

LONDON, UK, Sept. 21, 2021 - Industry-leading modular construction company, Forta PRO, has been announced by the Offsite Awards Judges as a winner of the 2021 Offsite Awards—a prestigious event dedicated to celebrating notable achievements of prefabricated and offsite construction firms. The 'International Offsite Project of the Year Award' category received over 200 entries from the innovative modular industry-leading companies. 

The award is aimed at celebrating companies with sustainable and innovative projects that have meaningfully extended the frontiers of offsite construction technology application. The Kvarteret' Jylland Project' Sweden, which emerged under the category, involved building a fleet of Student Apartment Modular Buildings (345 rooms) for young individuals in Kista, Stockholm — Sweden's capital and largest city. 

Produced in Latvia, 'Project Jylland' is a textbook case of modular construction at its architectural, structural and aesthetic finest. Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, the project was produced offsite and shipped to Sweden without any disruptions. The choice of modular technology stemmed from the client's desire to implement the project swiftly, without having to close the streets. Using prefabricated concrete core and modules, the client achieved a seamless process with the project delivered on time and on budget. The quality finishing and design were created considering the industry's best practices, customer standards, and Sweden's sustainable and quality living requirements. 

"Considering populated areas, using Forta PRO offsite technologies was the perfect solution for all parties—clients, side-contractors, neighbours, and surrounding businesses," stated Janis Priede, Forta PRO Project Manager. "We're delighted that Offsite awards has recognized our years of sustained growth, excellence and the relentless drive to be the industry benchmark for Offsite Construction. This not only acknowledges the innovation in our processes, but also calls for improved standards in providing sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective offsite building, regardless of scale."

In 4 months, Forta PRO assembled 4 buildings, 178 modules with 345 completed rooms, 3 common areas and corridors at record speed levels that traditional (onsite) construction methods cannot match. It's particularly noteworthy that a kindergarten was operating during safe modules assembly, right next to the construction site, without any disturbances. 

Offsite technology helps clients get quality products assembled onsite, precise material consumption, a controlled environment factory production, and a team of quality controllers. These controllers ensure that the assembly of the modules follows the architectural plans and standards. So, clients get to adequately plan their work, cash flow, and gain ROI (return on investments).


Forta PRO won the Prestigious International Offsite Project of the Year Award!