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The prefabricated solution dimensions, layouts and architectural design can be easily customized to address the clients’ specific needs. The prefabricated modules can easily be installed in existing hospital area with minimal interference to the daily routines.

Forta PRO propose: planning, design, construction and equipment supply for different type of  healthcare facilities with special attention to:

  • I.P Wards
  • Delivery rooms
  • Intensive Care Units/High Dependency Units (NICU, PICU, MICU)
  • Operating Rooms (General, Ultra clean, Septic, Hybrid)
  • Outpatient clinics, Consultant rooms Day care units, Chemotherapy, Pain management, Dialysis, etc.
  • Administrative space
  • Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation centers
  • Imaging–Radiology
  • Laboratories, Logistics units and more

Prefabricated Operating rooms

Forta PRO offers several types of operating rooms including General Surgery and Ultra Clean Surgery. Each of these is presented in a comprehensive autonomous solution of Induction room, Scrubbing room, Operating Theater and Technical zone. 

The solution can be permanent or on a temporary base, for example when renovation process is performed at the existing OT.

Forta PRO offers rooms such as:

  • Minimal invasive procedure room
  • General Surgery operating room
  • Endoscopy/Laparoscopy operating room
  • Ophthalmology and E.N.T. operating room
  • Ultra clean operating theaters
    (Orthopaedic/cardiac/open heart/Hybrid/neurosurgery)
  • Angiograph/Cath labs