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We use a modular construction technique that allows Forta PRO to build ecologically clean and sustainable buildings while saving energy and time. Our company manufactures high standard modular units suitable for multiple-story facilities construction.

Forta PRO features advanced off-site building methods offering a fast-track modular and construction solutions with minimal disruption to the operation of surrounding facilities.

The advanced prefabrication enables Forta PRO to speed up the timetable for construction projects in a way that is not achievable by the on-site building technology.

Strict quality control implemented in our modern factory and supported by Forta PRO multi-disciplinary professional team provides a guaranteed comprehensive quality solution. Forta PRO can plan, design, and build from scratch or expand existing facilities. Our modern factories use a fast and cost-effective linear production line with a large production capacity.

Our experience involves planning and designing, construction, and equipment supply to different type facilities with particular attention to:
  • Forta PRO cube Hotels
  • Forta PRO cube Residential buildings
  • Forta PRO cube Student Apartments
  • Forta PRO cube Elderly Houses
  • Forta PRO cube WC PODs
  • Forta PRO cube Hospitals buildings and their parts
  • Forta PRO cube Many more
  • Construction is the sector that currently involves the highest use of prefabricated modular construction with the most notable predicted growth.

    Based on current statistics, less than 60% of on-site construction projects are delivered on time, and less than 50% meet the preset budget. Conventional on-site building systems do not address the main challenges presented in the construction industry. That explains why more and more investors currently recognize the need for a better promising building system that would provide higher efficiency, minimize environmental disruption, and guarantee more top quality, lower costs, and time-efficiency.

    Our factories
    Forta PRO Factory, Ventspils
    Forta PRO Factory, Ventspils

    27 Rupniecibas Street, Ventspils, Latvia, LV-3601