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36 Line Resturant, Jurmala, Latvia

Grill-bar-restaurant «36.line» is one of the most popular in Latvia with beautiful sea-view, relaxed atmosphere and delicious cuisine. «36.line» head and Chef - Lauris Aleksejevs young and talented person, offering unique and inimitable dishes. «36.line» cook most of their dishes on open fire, which creates a lovely flavour to the food.

Forta PRO produced and installed the new «36.line» restaurant building in dune zone area. This project was very special for us, to implement a client request to build the luxury restaurant building without any disturb to the nature. 
The object is located in a sand beach zone, where it is not allowed to build on the surface ground, so the foundations are built at a depth of 30cm. To bring the heavy equipment (the crane) to the object and not to sink in the sand, special moving mats were laid on the sand.  As the car park that was built beforehand for the first restaurant, at working hours 100% of the car cark was full, and to avoid loss in the customer's business, the delivery and assembly works of the modules took place at night when the existing restaurant was closed. Modules and overhangs were assembled in 2 nights time.