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Quality Management

To ensure perfect performance of our unique products we at Forta PRO have implemented Quality Management System according ISO 9001:2015, assured with certificate issued by Bureau Veritas Latvia. We have implemented the system of performance quality control at each stage of product development till the complete product is ready for use by our customers.

The Design of the product is performed by highly skilled and experienced team of architects and engineers, who has proved their competency and believes that impossible is nothing.

As final product quality depends on the quality of used materials, all the Purchases are made from wide known companies, who has ensured their quality and service level due to our quality preferences are always prior to the price.

To ensure fast and cost-efficient Production, work at our factories is organized according LEAN and Six Sigma principles. The challenges there are always welcome due to strong and experienced team accompanied with a smart quality management at all levels.

The Construction naturally is supported by the supervising and every-step performance quality control, which ensures excellent result and enjoyable use of end-product.

All the time starting from the project idea till the complete building our customers are fully supported by our highly experienced Project Managers, who takes into consideration all the needs and requirements. Stage to stage they lead the process according the customer expectations assuring that final product is as perfect as intended and experience got through the collaboration is very positive.

For further information on our quality management system, please contact our Quality Control Manager:

Ludmila Kulmaticka

[email protected]

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