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Forta PRO Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Modular Constructions

Forta PRO propose up to 20 floor buildings for different purposes. Prefabricated fully equipped modules, with all furniture and equipment installed on factory.

  • Strong and reliable metal structure;
  • High-Level of Quality Assurance (QA) at the factory;  
  • Quality CE marked materials;
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • No interference to the surroundings, enabling on-going work at the hospital and expansion of existing buildings;
  • Shorter construction time (up to 70% vs conventional construction);
  • Environmental friendly - lower construction waste and noise levels, use of Green materials;
  • Removing approximately 80% of the building construction activity from the site location 
  • Less sensitive to weather conditions and moisture during transportation and construction; 
  • Overall cost savings due to the earlier project completion and lower construction risks;
  • Predictable time schedule and budget expenses;
  • Reducing of labor power needed for construction;

Bathroom units / WC Pods 

Forta PRO manufactures prefabricated bathroom units and WC Pods for the hotels, apartments and healthcare buildings. The PODs are designed, built under controlled and QA’d conditions and shipped as a complete assembled unit from our factory. The PODs structure is made from steel profiles, with high performance interior panels or any other finishes according to the customer request. The PODs provide excellent fire and acoustic rating possibilities, and are completed with all accessories as per client specification.

Forta PRO can also provide specific clinical finishes with level access floors and fully equipped with seats and handrails for disabled accessibility.

All PODs are built in accordance with the current regulations in the countries of destination to ensure that every detail is compliant, especially plumbing and electrical systems

The key advantages of using Forta PRO prefabricated PODs are:  

1. Faster 

Prefab bathroom pods accelerate the construction timeline with an efficient on-site installation and no punch list.

2. Quality

The factory production makes it possible to raise the level of quality and product reliability, thanks to continuous production control and robust final testing procedures.

3. Simple

The Bathroom Pods designed using 3D modelling for onsite compatibility, delivered, installed and connected to the building’s mechanical systems.

4. Safe

Fewer employees at the work site can reduce incidents and potentially general liability insurance.

Golf Simulator Modules

High-quality, prefabricated Golf Simulator modules that can fit any simulator from different manufacturers. Arrives as a turn-key solution to the site, completely assembled. Place in your backyard (private homes) or design a complete Golf Training Facility at the Golf Club. 

  • Train all year long without any weather interference
  • Revenue income by renting simulator space
  • Basic or Premium design for fun and enjoyment with your fellow golfers, family and friends