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Forta PRO factory 1 Day Summer Seminar – July 19

Forta PRO cordially invites you to visit Latvia to take part in a professional seminar.

On our professional seminar you will have a chance to experience our production capabilities by visiting our 2 factories for Prefabricated, Prefinished Volumetric Modules.

Our team will provide all the information and benefits of using the modular construction technology for many types of applications including healthcare, residential, hotels, schools, student housing and many more.
On this unique opportunity you will be able to visit our factories in production stages, engage in interesting presentations, meet our team and industry colleagues and enjoy Latvia!

Space is very limited, so please RSVP now to ensure your seat is reserved!

Advised arrival date 18.07 and departure 20.07
Recommended stay: Rixwell Elefant Hotel

We look forward to seeing you at our seminar!

RSVP before 6/7/2018
Natalija: +371 22380415
[email protected]

Our May Seminar video

On May 16-17, 2018 Forta PRO invited customers to visit our factories in Tukums and Ventspils and to take part in a professional seminar.

During these two days our clients and partners had a chance to learn about our Prefabricated, Prefinished Volumetric Modular technology and to discuss the business benefits of using it for different type of modular projects.

Our team provided presentations, videos and factories tour to attendees.

We hosted 38 guests from Sweden, UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia and Latvia.

See the best moments in short video

Premier Guarantee product approval

On May 2018 Forta PRO received PREMIER GUARANTEE product approval for our metal frame volumetric system.

We have passed the robust audit and got an evidence on appropriate design, manufacture and erection of our modular products. Now we can ensure to our customers that our product is safe, durable, in high quality and subject for structural warranty needed for successful project realization.

We are really proud to demonstrate that we are trustworthy and reliable partner.

Forta PRO team participates in Riga Marathon

May 20, 2018 - Forta PRO team participated in Riga Marathon, joining more then 37 500 participants from 78 countries. We congratulate our colleagues on their sport achievements: Gints Bīmanis – 21km, Kristaps Miķelsons – 21km, Kristaps Zeps – 21km, Mārcis Rancāns – 10km, Pāvels Saveļjevs – 6km, Jānis Ploks – 6km, Rinalds Viļumsons -6km, Sandra Jansone – 6km, Kristīna Buluševa – 6km, Evita Sproģe – 6km, Ilze Egle – 6km.

Kristaps Mikelsons, Forta PRO Project Manager (semi-marathon) says: “This marathon was different from the previous ones, from the point of view of the goals set and from the feelings. The main task of this year I had to run in the finish with my wife, to whom it was the first half-marathon. We managed to do it successfully in spite of the difficulties encountered during the process. A pleasant surprise and extra energy charge was an interesting route with a variety of entertaining and cheering events along the entire length of the road. To learn how to run, you have to run!”

Kristaps Zeps, Forta PRO Project Manager (semi-marathon), says: “It's not the first time I was participating in marathon events. I have run half marathon in Portugal as well but running in Latvia and being a part of one of the thousands always makes me anxious and excited. This year it was even more special as the marathon is part of the Latvia centenary celebration. That kept me motivated and inspired to push myself till the end even when my legs wanted to give up around the 17 th km sign and my knee hurt bad. I'm proud I could be part of this event and represent Forta Pro.”

It was great feeling of team spirit and complicity!

Forta Factory 2 day Seminar




SAVE THE DATE for our 2 day seminar in Latvia!

On this unique opportunity you will be able to visit our factories in production stages, engage in interesting presentations, meet our team and industry colleagues and enjoy Latvia!

Space is very limited to please RSVP now to ensure your space is reserved.

Advised arrival time 16.05 till 11.30 and departure 17.05 after 18.00

We look forward to seeing you at our seminar!

MAY 16 - 17, 2018

RSVP before 31/1/2018
Natalija: +371 22380415
[email protected]

May 20, Forta will participate in Riga Marathon

Key facts about this amazing event:

  • annual road marathon
  • established in 1991
  • the route with the beautiful view of Riga old city
  • one of the fastest growing marathons in Northern Europe.

The Races: Marathon / 42.195km, Half-marathon / 21.0975km, 10 km, 6 km and Family Run.

The organizing committee forecasts nice, comfortable weather and great atmosphere. Since 2012 Lattelecom Riga Marathon has been awarded the prestigious International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Road Race Bronze Label and, at the moment, is the first and only marathon in Northern Europe to receive this award.

Wish good luck, inspiration and power to our team!  

X Industries Hakathon

Forta PRO had the opportunity to present ourselves in Hackathon and challenge the IT companies to give us a hand in solving an issue in using parametric modularization.

The Hackathon is a way of solving business problems and creating new products in a short time by collaborating with experts from different fields of expertise.

It’s simple – the industry company comes up with a problem and the IT business team is looking for the most effective solution to solve it.

On 24th of April Forta PRO team, represented by Evita Sproge and Kristaps Mikelsons, introduced Hackathon their challenge but the real work will start in autumn Hackathon season where two members of Forta PRO team will work alongside IT leaders to try and find solution to parametric modularization.

Forta Pro seminar at Stockholm

Forta Modular invites customers for the 5th time to visit Stockholm and take part in a traditional professional seminar at First Hotel Arlanda Airport.

Key facts on our last seminar: most visited Forta seminar, more than 40 customers from 6 countries, technical presentations on modular construction, professional discussions, “hands-on” training and much more.

Welcome to see the seminar moments and Maris Ozolins, Forta Pro CEO, interview

One-day Professional VIP Seminar – February 8, 2018

Pionjärvägen 81, 195 61 Arlandastad, Stockholm

Date: 8th of February, 12:00

Best idea for year start. If you are looking for the new knowledge and new technologies for construction – welcome to visit our one-day professional VIP seminar. You will have a chance to see, touch and feel new modular hotel and learn the key aspects of Prefabricated Modular Construction. Our team will provide all the information and benefits of using the modular construction technology for many types of applications including healthcare, residential, hotels, schools, student housing and many more. You will also be able to visit our recently realized modular construction project – First Hotel Arlanda Airport.

We look forward to seeing you at our seminar!

RSVP before 19/01/18

Natalija: +371 22380415 [email protected]

or use RSVP form here

2017, November 13 – 17, Dusseldorf Germany – Forta Pro participated at MEDICA 2017, the largest medical equipment exhibition in Europe.

This year MEDICA and COMPAMED were visited by 123,500 professional visitors, from 130 different countries at 19 halls.

Forta Medical exhibited at the show with our German business partners, Pneumatic Berlin.  Forta PRO had a very successful show with our modular hospitals construction solutions and relocatable Operating Theatres concept that received great feedback from many visitors.  At the booth we used the most advanced presentation technologies including new multi-touch screen with technical information, movies and 3D virtual tour for the visualization of operating theatre. We had an opportunity to make many international business contacts with representatives of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and America.

We would like to thank all of the visitors to our booth and warm thanks to our colleagues at Pneumatic Berlin for interesting and successful show.